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What to Wear: Holiday Mini Sessions

You are so excited you have just booked your family's holiday mini session. Then the question pops in your mind, what should my family wear? This can seem like a daunting task, having to dress yourself and the rest of your family.

Determine Your Vibe + Plan For it

Think of how YOU want your pictures to turn out. Do you want them to be fun holiday pictures? Do you want more of a formal picture? These are all the options that you will have during your shoot. It is best to come prepared with your ideas. This will allow you to make the best use of your time.

Casual Holiday

For the Holiday Mini Session that I am offering there are two sets available. One set is a holiday themed living room. The other set is a cookie baking kitchen. You will have the ability to do an outfit change if, for example, you feel like you want your family to be more holiday themed in one set over the other. Whether it is with a cookie baking crew shirt or matching PJ’s, the options are endless. Maybe you decide that you do not want to worry about changing outfits, but you still want to incorporate a little holiday magic. This would be a great opportunity to have festive props like mugs or Santa hats. (PS: Target has so many cute holiday mugs.) Here are some different ideas and inspiration.

Formal Holiday

If you are looking for more of the formal photo look, here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your outfits. It is a good idea to pick a couple of colors that you want to stick with. You can choose anything from neutral colors to more “holiday” colors. Find something that will flatter everyone and showcase who they are. You want to make sure that everyone is comfortable, as it will allow for the best pictures. One way to style everyone is have one person wear a print, for example plaid. Then everyone else could wear some of the colors that are incorporated in the plaid print.

Below are some ideas of how you can do this for you and your family (without breaking the bank). Note: All pictures of individual pieces are clickable links.

Outfit Ideas for Girls

Outfit Ideas for Boys

Outfit Ideas for Men

Outfit Ideas for Women

I hope these tips and suggestions are able to help guide you when it comes to planning out your family's outfits. Remember, these are only suggestions to help if you are stuck. Always choose outfits that you feel comfortable in.

Happy Holidays!


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